DIY Wood Projects That You Can Sell Online

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Wood is a material that is abundantly available. It can also be used to make so many different functional and decorative items. This is why it is possible for you to make wood items that sell. You can make items for homes and also for commercial use such as display cabinets, storage cabinets, tables, and chairs for shops and restaurants.

How To Sell Your Wood Projects Online

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Perhaps you are keen on woodwork and have been working on projects for yourself, family, or friends as a hobby. You can go further and use your skills and passion for woodworking to make wood projects that sell and make you money on the side.

You can do this by using the internet. There are always millions of people online at any one time. Creating a website to sell your woodworking projects will put you in front of an unlimited number of potential customers.

With a website, you can reach people beyond your town, your state, and even your country. With all the technological developments, you can also add an online selling application that will enable people to buy items right off your website. You can give buyers the option of paying by various means such as credit cards debits cards and popular electronic accounts such as PayPal.

Apart from sales, investing in a website will also give you the opportunity to attract more customers through customization. Customers can opt to order from you if they can send you a scan of the way they can get an item to be customized. You can receive and respond to such requests on your website.

Types Of Wood Projects That Sell

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If you are just getting started, start simple and make something simple. This would be small, simple items such as rolling pins, cutting boards, and picture frames. Aim for such items that won’t take you too long to make and that you won’t spend so much to make.

You can mix up common items with less common ones that are useful and not so easy to find. An example of this is walking sticks and canes. They won’t cost you too much in resources or money and you can start with plain straight ones. Birdhouses are another unique item that you work on and make money,

Other wood projects that sell and that are ideal for beginners are jewelry boxes, coffee tables, and stools. Wood can be finished in many different ways. Make use of different finishings and colors to make simple designs look good.

Moving On To More Complex Projects

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When you have mastered the simple items, you can move on to more complex ones that you can charge more for. There are many woodworking plans online that you can purchase to help you get started. You can make carved legs for wooden furniture and you do etching to personalize items like jewelry and gift boxes. You can also try your hand at making signs on which you carve house numbers or names. Signs for office doors are other potentially profitable business.

Once you master these items as well, you can do more to make them even more attractive. For example, you can personalize a jewelry box with a date such as a birthday, anniversary or another special date. You can also make a wooden jewelry box more functional by adding compartments that can hold different items. A box that has a place for necklaces, earrings and other items that often get lost or tangled has more value.

Another kind of wooden item that you will ready market for is personalized stools. They are a beautiful way to make a birth announcement or to commemorate the christening of a child. A foot or handprint of the child and a date etched on it are two ways to personalize it.

Display your Wood Projects

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You will also do well with display items. Many people have items that they like and would like to display. This may be rare china, dolls or glass items such as glasses and vases. Collectors appreciate a safe and attractive place to display their valued collections.

Storage is needed in every home, office or shop. Learning how to make storage cabinets can also be a profitable venture. This can be wall mounted cabinets or standing cabinets.

You would also do well to add wooden toy boxes on your list. Every home with children needs a place to store their toys so they don’t clutter a room. Make it roomy and give it a personal touch with the name of a child or a reminder to clean up after play.

Top Selling Wood Projects For Your Woodworking Business

Garden benches
Study tables and chairs
Dining chairs
Rocking chairs
Wine racks
Kitchen trays
Ottoman trays
Bath trays
Cigar boxes
Shoe racks
Baby cradles
Salad bowls
Kitchen utensils
Nightstands or bedside tables
Lamp stands
Key holders
Toys like pull carts, trucks and fishing kits
Cake or pasty stands
Wooden letters
Yarn bowl
Business card holders
Painting easels
Board game boards and figures
Guitar picks
Incense sticks

Go Further And Do More With Your Woodcraft Website

There are several other items you make out of versatile wood; your imagination is the limit. Some notable brands started this way. They were a hobby that became a profitable furniture making, toy making or general carpentry business. It can be the same for you.

Invest in a website and take your wood crafting hobby into a profitable one or even a full-fledged business.

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