5 Vegetables to Grow in Small Spaces

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There is nothing quite like taking the first bite into some delicious homegrown produce, and lack of space is no reason to miss out. Whether you have a paved-over garden, a balcony, or no garden at all, there is something you can grow. Many plants can be surprisingly productive in pots given the necessary care and attention. Here are a few to get you started:


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Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and most rewarding. They will quite happily grow in a pot or a growbag in the smallest of spaces.

A wide choice of young plants is often available in garden centers. Choose a compost with some organic fertilizer already mixed in or add some yourself to give your plants a head start. Position them in full sun or a bright location and await the fruits of your labors.


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Aubergines have similar growing requirements to tomatoes and also thrive in small spaces. When choosing your plants or seeds, match the variety to your location as plants with large fruit will need longer, hotter summers.

Pick the fruit once it becomes the full size so the seeds don’t grow too large. Homemade baba ganoush is a great way to enjoy their beautiful flavor.

Salad leaves

green salad
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Salad leaves are an excellent choice for growing in pots; they are particularly well suited to windowboxes. Many seed mixes are available, including fast-growing leaves, oriental leaves, and superfood mixes.

Most varieties will reshoot once you cut them, giving you a good supply of nutritious greens for the summer.


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Peas may seem an unusual choice for growing in pots, but there is nothing tastier than eating fresh peas straight out of the pod.

Some garden centers will sell small trays of young pea plants, or you can easily grow your own from seed. Once they are about 15cm tall, they will start to climb, so use some bamboo canes or other sticks for them to cling to.

Once the pods swell up, they are ready to pick and enjoy.


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Potatoes are another great vegetable to grow in small spaces. They can be grown in sacks or large pots, and if you are patient, uncovering the harvest at the end of the season is like a treasure hunt.

For the best choice of varieties, find a garden center that sells individual seed potatoes so you can pick and choose the ones you want. Many will have varieties not available in supermarkets.

Potatoes must be chitted before you can plant them. This means putting them in an egg box to allow them to sprout.

Once the leaves die down later in the year, you are ready to hunt for potato gold.

So however big your space is, get your green fingers ready, grab yourself some pots and compost and get started.

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